The objects we treasure have for us a value that can be artistic, historical, economic or sentimental. In either case, these objects throughout your life can suffer a range of impairments, which not only alter visible or aesthetic appearance, but they may even endanger their physical to the point of causing destruction . The causes are many and varied. From the natural aging of the materials they contain, to no fault of them, whether natural (caused by moisture, light, heat, insects or microorganisms) or accidental (pure accidents, poor maintenance and vandalism ). To continue to maintain its value, whatever the nature of it, and to continue enjoying the object, it is convenient to carry out a correct maintenance to halt the damage, and a careful restoration to remove the damage, and return the object to its original appearance .

ALTRAMENTUM is dedicated to the Restoration of Works of Art and other art objects and cultural interest.
Make conservation and restoration treatments of painting, both ancient and contemporary, in different media: canvas, board, metal and wall, with extensive experience in large formats. It also restores sculpture, furniture, graphic document and decorative arts objects. All operations are performed with the utmost respect for the work, regardless of its value, and following internationally recognized standards in the field of conservation and restoration.
ALTRAMENTUM performs analytical, radiographs, reflectographs infrared, ultraviolet fluorescence and various studies of the constituent materials of the various works of art, when by their own characteristics or condition require it.

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