When restoring a work one can not be generalized and talk about a systematic treatment to follow. Each object is different, both for its nature and structure as well as for its state of conservation and deterioraton. As such, it will require a specific treatment to address its needs.

Below are various processes of intervention or treatment that ALTRAMENTUM applies in the treatment of a work.

Some intervention processes in a painting

  • Removal of old linings
  • Replacing patches, sealing cracks, stich reinforcement
  • “floating linings” (without adhesives relining)
  • Handling large formats
  • Fixing of painting surfaces
  • Cleaning and removal of varnishes
  • Chromatic restitution
  • Removal of overpainting
  • Elimination of a poor quality repaint to recover a better quality hidden original
  • Elimination of a sloppy repaint that hides a large surface of ​​the original, and its subsequent reconstruction

Other intervention processes

  • Treatment of gilt
  • Consolidation of wood
  • Production of missing pieces in resin
  • Restitution of volumen properties
  • Cleaning of drawings and prints
  • Removal of old support
  • Cleaning and correction of parchment distortions
  • Varnishing and finishing of furniture